Geophysics deals with the events in and around the earth in a physical sense. In this pressure, gravity, electric and magnetic fields, seismic waves and conductivity of the soil and many other parameters are measured and analyzed with different methods.

The Conrad Observatory is home to an important part of the Austrian seismological monitoring network. This network, consisting of a plurality of selected locations in Austria and is used for registration of quakes and creating a quakes catalog. This is subsequently used for creating earthquake hazard maps, which have great importance in the construction industry.

For highly accurate determination of positions from mobile navigation systems position information of the navigation system satellites have to be known in time and space precisely. This will rely on highly-accurate measurements of gravity to be able to constantly adjust the navigation system satellites orbits accordingly. The measurements of the gravity field itself has to be corrected by other metrics, such as air pressure, wind speed and acutal ground unrest measured in the form of seismic recordings, by the seismological monitoring network. Recently detected gravity waves may only be registered because of well known very slow and weak variations in gravity with high accuracy. For more information on the topic please read on or our gravimetry page and

Electric and magnetic field measurements are used primarily to determine the Earth's magnetic field in particular the magnetic field strength and the magnetic field direction. Even the ancient mariners knew there were changing deviations of the magnetic north from the geographical, the so-called declination. The impact on the seafaring could have been severe. Was a sea charts not accurate enough and thus the knowledge of the deviation of the magnetic north from the geographical so it could quickly run ships aground on reefs or miss their destination by hundreds of kilometers. For more information on magnetic field measurements, see or our magnetics page Current studies on Conrad Observatory deal with historical field measurements and the conclusions on magnetic future field reversals, investigations of the signal components of the magnetic field's higher frequencies or automated solar storm detection. Many other research topics related to everyday life can be found on the website of the Department of Geophysics ZAMG under or among the other subcategories our own website.